Sunday, 26 May 2013


Tipón, located east of Cusco,are Inca ruins which may have been a park for the upper class or an agricultural centrum. Even today water rushes through the channels, and the wide terraces are in perfect condition. Several surrounding ruins have been excavated, and many more are visible below the soil.

The Tipon complex is located near Oropesa in the Community of Choquepeda, 27 km southeast of Cusco and along the Cusco-Puno road. It contains enclosures, terraces and an intact canal. The upper complex is crossed by the Inca Trail with an irrigation canal.

The site was probably used as a laboratory of agricultural products because of the various micro-climates found within the complex. Tipon is considered one of the 16 most important archaeological tours for tourists who visit the area.
Besides being an archaeological complex, the site is home to one of the largest irrigation works in the terraces, with a great distribution of outdoor water channels.

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